Primobet Bonus, Codes, and Promotion Offers

Primobet offers our players amazing bonuses and promotions that they can use to increase their bet money and wager on different markets and sports events. Here we will consider the Primobet major bonuses and how players can use them to their advantage.
Primobet bonuses are among the most trusted and unique among online sportsbooks. The betting platform, which features amazing bets and simulated leagues, offers bettors the opportunity to win more cash by giving them a range of different promotional offers so that they do not have to spend their money.
Each significant sport globally has a free bonus offer for players on Primobet. All a player needs to do is to discover how s/he can access these bonuses and special offers and bet on the favorite sports games. These different promo offers provide our clients with up to 10% of their bet money, which is extremely generous given the fact that players can get amazing wins with them.

First Deposit Bonus
ONLYWIN 10 RSD FREE BET + Verify your account to get 500 RSD OnlyWin free bet!
Second deposit bonus
ONLYWIN FREE BET 10% of the deposit, get up to 100 RSD
Third deposit bonus
ONLYWIN FREE BET 10% of the deposit, get up to 100 RSD
Fourth deposit bonus
ALLWIN FREE BET 10% of the deposit, get up to 100 RSD
Top soccer
Comboboost up to 70%
FREEBETS OnlyWin AllWin NoRisk Get Started
Huntings Get Started

Primobet Bonuses and Promotions

Primobet has different bonus and promotions that players can easily opt for. A promotion offer is available to make betting and winning easier regardless of the sports that a player loves to bet on. The Primobet welcome package is by far one of the best that bettors can opt for. So, you become automatically eligible for the welcome package bonus offer when you register and tick the option for bonuses and promotions.
This package is shared into four different deposit packages. This means that to get the full benefit that Primobet offers new players, they will have to make four deposits and meet the required threshold that awards the maximum deposit.
Primobet first deposit bonus is one of the most significant bonuses on the platform and for many reasons. Known as ONLYWIN 100 RSD FREE BET, this bonus offers an amazing 300% of your total deposit, giving you the opportunity to win as much as RSD5000. This means that to meet the threshold of RSD5000 bet bonus, you have to deposit close to RSD1670.
This bonus is available for all markets, meaning bettors can stake their bonus bet on any game. Players can choose from the amazing number of events and bet on them. Some popular events where they can use this bonus are on 1×2 events, 1 goal events, and many more.
This deposit bonus also comes with an extra RSD5 as a verification bonus awarded by the platform for successfully registering an account and completing your first deposit.
The second to the fourth deposit are extremely similar, offering players bonus packages. The second and third bonuses are called ONLYWIN FREE BET, while the fourth is ALLWIN FREE BET. For these bonuses, you can get a 10% money bonus for any deposit you make with the opportunity to get as much as possible RSD100. All you need to do is deposit RSD1000 at every stage of the different bonuses to get your full amount.
Therefore, the welcome package for Primobet gives players the opportunity to get as much as RSD5300 as their welcome gift, which is one of the most generous offers for an online sportsbook.

Primobet Esports Comboboost Bonus

Primobet has dedicated bonus options for players apart from the welcome package deposit bonus. This Comboboost bonus is open to all bettors as long as they have a registered account with the platform. Taking advantage of this bonus option is quite straightforward. Firstly, you have to bet on a combination of at least 3 different events. You can bet on more events if you wish. Typically, it is required that all the events that make the combination must have up to 1.50 odds or more.
The thing is, the bigger the combination, the better the additional esports bonus odds that improve players’ win. Below are the esports bonus odds for the different respective bonuses.

  • For3 events, the eSports Bonus odds is 1.05
  • For 4 events, the eSports Bonus odds is 1.10
  • For 5 – 6 events, the eSports Bonus odds is 1.15
  • For 7 – 9 events, the eSports Bonus odds is 1.25
  • For 10 – 13 events, the eSports Bonus odds is 1.40
  • For 14 – 999 events, the eSports Bonus odds is 1.70

After a combination is placed, the eSports bonus odds are automatically activated, and the platform algorithm automatically determines the winnings. A bettor cannot change this amount. Once a bettor wins the bet, both the main bet win and the eSports comboboost is immediately credited as one money to the player’s account and can be immediately accessed.
There are several conditions that players must follow to enjoy the eSports and not lose all their wins.

  • Players must follow all rules concerning its Primobet bonuses and games. Violation of the platform policy could lead to full losses of the bets.
  • The eSports comboboost is optional, so there may be certain times when it might not be available. The comboboost availability period is always accessible to players to know if the offer is on or not.
  • The platform could decide to end the offer at any time they deem fit with no prior notice.

Primobet Soccer Comboboost Bonus

Once you register as a player and make your first deposit, you can start placing your bet on your favorite sport, like the soccer or American Football. What’s more, selecting up to 3 or more events with odds of 1.50 or less, you can get special bonus odds. While the bonus odds start with at least three combinations, the higher the number of events, the bigger the bonus odds.
Like the Primobet eSports bonus, players cannot change the bonus odds after booked events. The platform automatically determines the amount for the combination, so all a player needs to do is wager and win.
It is important to note that the bonus is not always available as it has a validity period, so you will do well to check if it is active by the time you select your bet. When you win, all your wins (both bonus odds and main odds) will be credited to your account.

Primobet Free Bets Bonuses

Primobet bonuses are extremely many, and it is only a matter of time before the platform introduces several popular freebets that players can o for. Freebets usually do not require deposits. Therefore, once available on N1Bet, players can enjoy a no deposit freebet on registration offer. Some popular freebet options include:

  • No-stake Bet
  • Hunting
  • NoRisk bet